Schedule & Sessions

Evolve is a members only training facility where each member receives unlimited training, personalized nutritional coaching and is expected to maintain a minimum attendance each month.  At Evolve you are not just a number, you are an individual with goals, motivation and challenges that we are employed to help you achieve and overcome.


With that in mind we’ve put together the list of policies and procedures below to ensure every member has an incredible experience at Evolve.

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  • We expect every member to maintain 85% attendance or greater
  • Classes can be reserved up to 5 days in advance
  • Classes can be cancelled up to 1 hour before class online
  • Waitlisted members will be automatically added to the class if a person cancels their reservation, a good practice would be to treat a waitlist spot as a reserved spot in class to eliminate any surprises.
  • Cancellations must be made 1 hour before class begins
  • No shows result in a $25 fee upon repeat offense, meaning you get one no show a month and after that any and every no show will result in the “No Show Fee” with a cap of $100 per month.
  • Please be respectful to your fellow members and instructors, communicate with us and let us know if you are experiencing difficulties making it to class.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before class begins, meet new friends, practice your balance and prepare yourself physically and mentally for the session ahead.
  • Ask questions, it’s the best way for you and everyone else to learn.
  • “Try” “Can’t” & “Sorry” are sorely overused outside these 4 walls, please refrain from uttering them within class, every other expletive is to be used at your discretion.
  • Bring your best friends with you to sessions, they can come experience Evolve with free first session so long as they attend with you.
  • Please don’t bring your acquaintances, friends or in-laws unless they are extremely good people or if you hold any ill-will towards your guest please advise the instructor before hand and proper measures will be taken.
  • No A-Holes
  • Discomfort is to be expected, pain is never acceptable, if you are concerned about a series, move or “twinge” you may have please discuss it with your instructor and follow their guidance.  Embrace the discomfort, look forward to it and then crush the very life out of it.
  • Be better every day.
  • Smiling while skipping is mandatory.
  • Place Evolve’s number in your phone 801-899-9391 and if you’ve read all the way through this list send a text to the number above with simply the words buck furpees and you will be granted a skip 10 burpees pass to be utilized in any workout at any time.  Use this gift wisely and don’t give it away, this gift must be earned.
  • Fuel your body with whole foods, grown from a garden and raised on a farm, don’t frustrate yourself with packages, cans and drive-thrus.
  • Make positive changes daily in the world around you and where you have control over the circumstances.
  • Don’t accept negativity in your life, in any form and leave it outside.
  • You can only be what you believe – believe you are Epic.
  • Get rest, you must rest as hard as you train and we go hard.
  • Meditate, in any form you find appealing.  If you find a form that is appealing please text the Evolve number above.