Blake Robinson CSCS

Founder & CEO

Over a decade of experience and working in the fitness industry across the globe inspired Blake to found Evolve to serve as the antithesis to the current fads, quick fixes and bs that exists within the industry.  As an internationally recognized trainer and coach he travels the globe trainer trainers, helping them discover the tools to transform clients lives and show them true functional training.  Along with a Bachelors from Utah State University he has continued his relentless pursuit of education, knowledge and science based training in order to deliver an unparalleled experience to every member of Evolve.

With his wife of 12+ years Tigan, son Penn and French Bulldog Isabella he spends his ‘free time’ reading, running Spartan Races, traveling the globe (he speaks 4 languages) and ladening nearly every dish (except sushi) imaginable with Cholula.


BS Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics & Kinesiology


Precision Nutrition Level II Certified Nutritionist

RockTape FMT

FreeMotion Master Coach

Certified Hybrid Athlete Coach

Spartan Race SGX II Coach

2013 Named Top 10 Personal Trainers to Watch

2014 Best Bootcamp



JayBird Sport Athlete

ReebokONE Ambassador

Spartan Race Ambassador

KSL Studio 5 Fitness & Nutrition Contributor

Tigan Robinson



Attention to detail doesn’t even begin to describe Tigan’s ability to ensure that every minute detail is in line, properly labeled and well packaged.  She is the behind the scenes master mind that ensures members are cared for, that the facility is kept up to date and that when it’s time for events that invitations are signed/sealed and delivered.  She is obviously the better have of the Robinson but is to humble to ever say so.

While fitness is not Tigan’s natural habitat her skills, dedication and support is the only reason the walls are still up here at Evolve.

Misti Grether SFG II

Kettlebell Technician – Strength Coach





Katie Alder

Endurance Specialist


General Badassery