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Evolve is uncommon, not exclusive.  Our program is different from most gyms and our atmosphere is uniquely singular. We are not a fitness factory and our members are not numbers. We build relationships with members who are in it for the long haul, and who are devoted to their own transformations.  We’re definitely not for everyone. Still, there’s no superiority complex at Evolve and no secret handshake. We’re a tribe, not a cult, we’re open to anyone committed to changing their own lives.

Our offering is singular in that we don’t have tiered memberships or punch passes, every member is treated with the utmost respect and comprehensive service.  Membership at Evolve includes unlimited access to all Training Club sessions, individualized nutritional coaching, corrective exercise programming and regular assessments to ensure goal achievement and your guaranteed success.


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We work with a limited membership because the demanding nature of transforming mind and body, stretching limits and the effort necessary limits the number of people we are capable of assisting. Before a membership is granted each member will be guided through an on-boarding series of private sessions where we assess your current fitness level, guide you through the primary moves you’ll see during training sessions and gain better insight to your motivations, your drive and how we can best help you.  We do not claim to be everyone’s cup of tea but we are dedicated to helping our members live life beyond what is accepted as the norm, we believe in the limitless nature of the human body when the mind is given the appropriate environment and stimulus.

We do not limit our training to simply physical fitness.


We offer a singular membership, you’re either in or not and membership includes unlimited access to all training sessions, personalized nutritional coaching and a credentialed crew dedicated to your transformation.  Regular assessments to evaluate, track and accelerate progress.  Remote training support when traveling or absent, automated monthly recurring billing on a non contract basis.  We believe in earning your membership by delivering results and a complete experience so there’s no contract, no obligation but we do ask for your focus, your effort, your time and your best.

We are Fitness For The Committed