Bespoke Fitness For Committed People

Evolve Fitness exists to inspire you to achieve your ideal.  Established in 2011 as an outlier within the fitness industry due to a relentless pursuit of a greater quality of life Evolve is unlike any training facility.

If you’re in, we’re in. Wherever you are on your journey to a healthier life, we’re right there with you, offering you personalized attention and a plan tailored just for you, with high energy motivation in a premium environment. We exist to help you evolve.

We Are Fitness For The Committed


Right There With You

Wherever our members are along their own fitness journey, we welcome them with genuine enthusiasm and open arms. At the same time, we’re all about finding those special, committed people who are just the right fit.  We are not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok but we’d love to have you drop in for a chat whenever you’d like to see what we’re all about.


We Train Hard & Live Better For It

Our unique format gives you body-changing workouts with the motivating energy of a small group and the attentive guidance of a personal training session.  Typical classes are 45 minutes and we ask our members to be punctual so we can make the most of every second.  Class sizes are limited to ensure each member receives the attention and coaching necessary to excel.

We don’t exercise, we don’t workout, we train with a specific focus to make you the fittest, strongest, fastest version of yourself possible.  Our commitment to consistent measurable progress is paramount and forms the foundation for every training session, every move and every day.  If you’re in, we’re in


Your One Stop Shop

Now you have access to endurance experts, powerlifting coaches, mobility gurus and nutritionists all in one location.  We take a comprehensive approach to improving your health & fitness by delivering nutritional coaching, corrective programming, fitness training and motivational support to every member.

We bring the best coaches to improve your fitness by paying respect to the scientific foundations of human physiology and paving the way for ground breaking training application.  Your transformation depends upon you, your tribe and the people around you and we ensure you have the best coaches in Nutrition, Fitness & Motivation so you can live your best.