Evolve Fitness is Salt Lake City’s Premier results driven functional training facility. Unlike the typical gym or current fitness fad that has failed you in the past we exist to ensure your success.

Wherever you are on your journey toward a healthier life, we’re right there with you, offering you personalized attention and a plan tailored just for you.  Private training sessions, small group training & immersive experiences are our forté. Our unique format gives you body-changing workouts with the motivating energy of a small group and the attentive guidance of a personal training session.

If you’re in, we’re in.





Nutrition that is simplified and personalized to meet your needs, maximize your results while eliminating the guess work, fads and hype that leaves so many frustrated and confused. Coaching included in EVERY membership

World class and passionate coaches guide every training session that is purposely limited so we can coach you individually and ensure that your time is well spent with your mind fully engage and your body completely transformed.

We are not drill sergeants, rep counters or cheerleaders, we are your ally, always at your side pushing you past your preconceived limits and calling you out on your crap when it’s necessary.  We are not everyone’s cup of tea but we may be yours.

We don’t have contracts, never needed them.  See while the rest of the industry wants to court, marry and bind you to a contract before the ink is dry we are looking to earn your trust, to gain your respect by guiding you to your best self.



A classification of exercises or movements which involves training the body for the activities performed by the human body in daily life.  Functional training adapts or develops exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and with greater capacity.  So whether you want to look, feel, perform or live better our system of coaching and training will unleash the limitless potential with you.  We do not utilize machines, we build them.




45 Minute High Intensity Functional Training that makes every second count and will transform your fitness.


Strength forged through StrongFirst Kettlebell training building strength, control and focus.


Mix one part yoga, one part foam roller and one part meditation and welcome to Rehab, where we get your mind aligned and body on track.


Whether you are just getting off the couch to run your first Spartan race or trying to podium we have Utah’s best Spartan Coaches to get you there. 



The current trend within the fitness industry is that you are nothing more than a number, that you only matter when your card doesn’t clear and that your failure is their success and whether you show up or not does not matter to them.

Evolve is the anti-gym.  We are a comprehensive training facility staffed with world class trainers who are dedicated to your success.  We maintain a limited membership so that every member receives the attention, support and customization necessary to transform their life.  We take every member through an exhaustive evaluation process to understand the needs, limitations and ideals in order to craft a plan that ensures every member lives, looks, feels and performs better.  Elitists we are not, committed we most definitely are.

  • Every member is expected to maintain 85% attendance and trains with us 5 to 6 days a week.
  • Every member receives custom nutrition coaching to eliminate hype, skip fads and deliver lasting results.
  • Every member sets goals, surpasses them and continues to progress with each passing session.
We Are Fitness For The Committed