Evolve Health & Fitness | Change Your Life
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Evolve is a comprehensive functional training studio for those committed to discovering their potential and living better.  Every member received results driven nutritional coaching, unlimited access to small group training sessions and a personal coach or ally who ensures their success with personal attention and support.

As such our membership is limited to ensure Evolve’s standards of service and training are maintained.

If you’re in, we’re in. Wherever you are on your journey to a healthier life, we’re right there with you, offering you personalized attention and a plan tailored just for you, with high energy motivation in a premium environment.

We exist to help you evolve.

Shot of a group of people doing squats with a kettle bell in a gym


We are stronger together at Evolve.  You are not a number here and we aren’t focused on catering to the masses, we train the committed, the demanding and the relentless.  Our class sizes are limited to ensure premium coaching and consistent results.  We know you’re busy so classes are 45 minutes and we know you want more from life so we deliver.  Welcome the challenge and get better every day.

Strong Muscular Men Kneeling On The Floor - Almost Like Sprinter Starting Position


This time it’s personal, it’s about you and your goals, your actions and your success.  Evolve’s personal private training sets the standard for health and wellness coaching based around lifestyle and behavior management in the areas of training, nutrition and regeneration. Our proprietary training system allows us stay ahead of the curve so that you do too.  Train without limits and unleash your true potential.

Spicy baked chicken breast on rustic wooden gutting board, top view


No hype, diets, fads or quick fixes here, look elsewhere.  Our nutritional approach is based in decades of research, science and (most importantly) results.  The nutritional-know-how gained will support your goals for today, tomorrow and 5 years from now.  Food is more than fuel, it tells the story of how your perceive your body and what you expect from it; let’s tell one hell of a story.



A classification of exercises or movements which involves training the body for the activities performed by the human body in daily life.  Functional training adapts or develops exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and with greater capacity.  So whether you want your life to look, feel or perform better our system of coaching and training will unleash the limitless potential with you.  If you’re in, we’re in.

Our Sessions

  • Catalyst

    45 Minute High Intensity Functional Training session designed to make the most of your time and body.

  • Tempered

    Forged through StrongFirst Kettlebell training building strength, control and focus.

  • Rehab

    Mix one part yoga, one part foam roller and one part meditation - voila! Welcome to Rehab, where we get your mind and body back on the straight and narrow.